It is always more important in the perspective of warranty of the product quality, the control of all the components that define whether or not the acceptability of the product himself. TLGB intervene at the customer to provide annual calibration reports. This operation is important for all the transducers that are used to realise measure of characteristics of the process or verification of the product. The calibration is realized by comparing the measures of machine’s transducers with reference instruments for its parts certified, called sample instruments. The calibration is used for the define the precision of the instruments, their repetitiveness and reliability.

All the TLGB machines are equipped to realize remote technical service. Depending on the requirements of the customer, the machine is fitted with Hardware and Software necessary to allow to TLGB technicians to establish an internet connection, to give fast assistance to maintenance and production necessity. It’s possible to realize remote assistance with different software and TLGB uses different products, to match the different specifications of the client.