Project Description



The Microcheck 1000XL is the new microprocessor electronic instrument produced by TLGB.
The technological innovations introduced and an extreme software flexibility allow to satisfy all the main customer requests.
The reliability of the tests is guaranteed by a pneumatic circuit with high performance solenoid valves and transducers, a brand new microprocessor electronic board, interfaced with USB or Ethernet, all enclosed in a compact and small-sized case.

The Microcheck 1000XL is particularly suitable for:
• Absolute leak test for pressure drop
• Differential sealing tests
• Interception sealing tests
• Volumetric sealing tests
• Flow tests
• Dimensional tests

With the Microcheck 1000XL you have a new high-performance instrumentation, maintaining a good quality / price ratio and the excellent service that TLGB has always offered.


• 120MHz microprocessor
• USB and Ethernet interface
• 24V digital Input / Output cards expandable up to 12 Inputs and 36 outputs
• A / D input card with 24 bit resolution
• Up to 4 channels of analog inputs
• Backlit 4 × 20 LCD display
• Dimensions 310L x 175H x 320 P mm (with regulator and 400P filter)
• 10 diagnostic LEDs (Power, Reset, Whatc-D, test results)
• Possible power supplies 220V AC, 110V AC or 24V AC / DC
• Internal or external pneumatic circuit with high sensitivity transducers
• Front manual pressure regulator with pressure gauge
• Integrated air filter on the back
• Frontal Staubli graft for leakage verification by means of calibrated joints
• Measurement range from -1 to 300 bar
• Resolution up to 0.01 mbar (1 Pascal)
• Transducer calibration report
• Base configuration weight 9Kg


• Standard or customized programs based on the client’s exacting needs
• Up to 50 user configurable recipe programs
• Freely programmable times and thresholds
• Self-diagnosis
• Web server for diagnostics


• Calibrated escape
• Electronic pressure regulator
• External pneumatic circuit